See You In 2020!

As we enter the final stretch of 2019, we’re going to take a much needed/deserved break for the remainder of the year to tie up some loose ends and get fully prepared for 2020. We have a lot of new projects on the horizon nearing completion, such as the Exit Device ID Tool, and new partnerships to announce. We will be back Monday, January 6th with more updates and more content.
On behalf of everyone involved with, I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah, and a Happy New Year (and a profitable one at that!). We will see you in 2020!

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Safe Manipulation Graph Paper Added to Tools

We’ve a new section to our Tools page: Safe Manipulation Graph Paper. This section launches with multiple graph paper sheets that can assist with safe manipulation. At launch, there are 4-unit and 5-unit graphs available in both portrait and landscape layouts. These graphs are available in PDF and Excel formats, the latter allows you to make any alterations that you see fit.

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'Mortise Exit Devices' Added to 'Exit Devices' Library Section

We have added ‘Mortise Exit Devices’ to our ‘Exit Devices’ section in the Library. This page will focus on exit devices utilizing a mortise lock. At launch, we have files for the following manufacturers:

  • AdamsRite USA
  • Arrow Lock & Door Hardware
  • Cal-Royal Products, Inc.
  • DORMA Americas
  • Detex Corporation
  • Falcon
  • Hager Companies
  • Lawrence Hardware, Inc.
  • Marshall Best Security Corp.
  • PDQ Industries, Inc.
  • PHI Precision
  • Regent Hardware
  • SARGENT Manufacturing Company
  • Security Door Controls (SDC)
  • Tell Manufacturing
  • Townsteel Architectural Hardware Mfg.
  • Unison Hardware, Inc.
  • Von Durpin
  • Yale
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Locksmith Reference Needs Your Help!

The Exit Device ID Tool is almost here! The Exit Device ID Tool will allow locksmiths to identify unknown exit devices simply by answering 4 to 5 picture-based questions. At launch, 324 unique models will be represented across 39 different brands and manufacturers. Here are a few screenshots from the tool:

We are entering the final stretch but we need your help to get us across the finish line! Catalog and brochure pictures are great but they don’t always paint the best picture, no pun intended. We need your photo of exit devices from the field. These pictures will be added to galleries for each unique model to allow other locksmiths to confirm the exit device they are trying to identify. Any exit device pictures you may have (preferably of the device and not the trim) can be emailed to
Thank you for your continued support of

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'Exit Devices' Library Section Launched with 'Crossbars'

We have launched a new section of the Library: Exit Devices. This section has been launched with a page dedicated to crossbar-type exit devices. In the coming weeks we will launch additional pages for the following exit device formats:

  • Concealed Vertical Rod
  • Surface Vertical Rod
  • Mortise
  • Rim

Once this section of the Library of has been rounded out we will launch the eagerly awaited Exit Device ID Tool. This tool will allow you to identify an unknown exit device in 5 questions or less. Here are a few screenshots from it:


This tool will be an industry game changer. No more emails, no more text messages, no more posts on online forums and groups – you will be able to identify what you’re servicing and in mere seconds. Best of all, like everything else on, it will be 100% free.
Stay tuned!

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Door Closer Footprint Comparison Chart Version 6.0 Released

We have updated the Door Closer Footprint Comparison Chart in the Tools Section. We’re now at Version 6.0 with 42 manufacturers/brands represented across 34 unique footprints and 301 unique models.
As always, footprints are organized by horizontal center-to-center measurements, smallest to largest. If multiple footprints exist with the same horizontal center-to-center measurements, they are further organized by vertical center-to-center measurements, smallest to largest. Manufacturers/brands are organized alphabetically. Column A is freeze paned for the included footprints. Row 1 is freeze paned for the included manufacturer/brands. This means that as you narrow down a specific model/models or manufacturer/brands, this information stays locked in your screen. This allows you to quickly find information.

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