SFIC Pinning Calculator Tool Launched


We have launched the Pinning Calculators page in the Tools Section with our first downloadable pinning calculator. This pinning calculator covers all three pinning systems used in standard Small Format Interchangeable Core products from almost every manufacturer. This tool will allow locksmiths to quickly and easily calculate the pin combinations needed for 2-Level master keyed and non-mastered SFIC systems.


This tool is optimized for desktop use and requires Microsoft Excel, LibreOffice Calc, or any similar program capable of working with .xlsx files. Simply download the file and open it in your spreadsheet application of choice. Instructions are included on each page and the pinning array will automatically adjust as you enter your key bittings, including shading pins to alert you to invalid pin combinations.

Future Updates

In the near future we plan to introduce additional calculators supporting more brands and pinning systems as well as calculators capable of dealing with more complex master keyed systems.

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March 2019 Industry Events

Believe it or not, March will be here Friday. 2019 is flying by! Here are some of the industry events taking place during March:

  • March 5 Electric Strike Installation Class (ASSA ABLOY) (Ontario, CA)
  • March 6 – 8 2019 IML Security Expo (California) (Universal City, CA)
  • March 8 – 9 Tennessee Organization of Locksmiths 2019 Spring Classes and Board Meeting (Lebanon, TN)
  • March 10 Penn-Ohio Locksmith Association (POLA) March, 2019 Meeting (Canton, OH)
  • March 14 March LSA of Michigan General Meeting (Troy, MI)
  • March 15 – 17 8th Annual Alabama Locksmith Association Technical Show (Pelham, AL)
  • March 21 – 23 IDN-Hardware Sales Trade Show 2019 (Novi, MI)
  • March 25 – 26 Georgia Chapter of DHI: Takeoff and Estimating Class (Norcross, GA)
  • March 28 – 30 2019 HL Flake Tradeshow (Houston, TX)

Help support the industry by attending these events. A lot of planning and hard work goes into making these events a reality.
For more information on these events, visit our Events page. Additional information, including links, is included with each Event entry. To add an event, please Contact Us.

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Door Closers Library Update

We have updated every page in the Door Closers section of the Library. Each page has been updated to match our new Library format and new files and links have been added. These pages include:

  • Door Operators
  • Floor and Overhead (Concealed)
  • Parallel, Regular, and Top-Jamb
  • Specialty

Door Operators

On the Door Operators page, we now have catalogs and promotional materials, instructions and manuals, and templates for the following manufacturers:

  • Arrow Lock & Door Hardware
  • CDVI Americas
  • Detex Coporation
  • DORMA Americas
  • Falcon
  • Hager Companies
  • LCN
  • Norton Door Controls
  • Power Access Corporation
  • Rixson Specialty Door Controls
  • Security Door Controls (SDC)

We have links to installation and servicing videos by LCN, Norton Door Controls, and Wayne Winton in the “Resources” tab.

Floor and Overhead (Concealed)

On the Floor and Overhead (Concealed) page, we now have catalogs and promotional materials, instructions and manuals, and templates for the following manufacturers:

  • Cal-Royal Products, Inc.
  • Falcon
  • LCN
  • Locksmith Dealers of America (LSDA)
  • Norton Door Controls
  • Rixson Specialty Door Controls
  • Townsteel

We have multiple links to installation and servicing videos by Rixson Specialty Door Controls in the “Resources” tab.

Parallel, Regular, and Top-Jamb

On the Parallel, Regular, and Top-Jamb page, we now have catalogs and promotional materials, instructions and manuals, and templates for the following manufacturers:

  • Arrow Lock & Door Hardware
  • Cal-Royal Products, Inc.
  • Copper Creek Hardware
  • Corbin Russwin, Inc.
  • Deltana Enterprises, Inc.
  • Design Hardware
  • DORMA Americas
  • Dorex Hardware
  • Falcon
  • General Lock
  • Hager Companies
  • Harney Hardware
  • Independence2, LLC
  • International Door Closers, Inc.
  • Lawrence Hardware, Inc.
  • LCN
  • Locksmith Dealers of America (LSDA)
  • Marshall Best Security Corp.
  • MaxGrade Manufacturing Co.
  • Norton Door Controls
  • PDQ Industries, Inc.
  • Philadelphia Hardware Group (Advantage)
  • Progressive Hardware Co., Inc.
  • S. Parker Hardware Manufacturing Corporation
  • SARGENT Manufacturing Company
  • Sargent Bradford Series
  • Seco-Larm USA, Inc.
  • Sentinel Door Controls, LLC
  • Taymor Industries Ltd.
  • Tell Manufacturing, Inc.
  • Tong Lung Metal Industry Co., Ltd. (EZ-Set)
  • TownSteel Architectural Hardware Mfg.
  • Unison Hardware, Inc. (INOX)
  • Yale

We have links to installation and servicing videos by dormakaba, Falcon, LCN, Norton Door Controls, and Tell Manufacturing, Inc., in the “Resources” tab. Also included in the Resources tab is our popular Door Closer Footprint Comparison Chart.


On the Specialty page, we now have catalogs and promotional materials, instructions and manuals, and templates for the following manufacturers:

  • D&D Technologies
  • Ideal Security
  • Kason Industries, Inc.
  • Locinox USA
  • LockeyUSA, Inc.
  • Rixson Specialty Door Controls

We have links to installation and servicing videos by Ideal Security, Locinox USA, and Wright Products in the “Resources” tab.

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WLS: Installing a Falcon SC81 Door Closer

This article is courtesy of Wayne Winton of WaynesLockShop.com. For more “How-To” pictures and videos, including the largest collection of online locksmith training videos, please visit WaynesLockShop.com.
Today we are installing a Falcon SC81 door closer. The SC81 is a medium-duty closer suited for light- to medium-duty, interior or exterior applications. It is is non-handed and fits the very popular 12″ x 3/4″ footprint, the same as Norton’s 8000 and LCN’s 1450 series closers. The SC81 has been tested to meet ANSI/BHMA A156.A Grade 1 standards and comes with a 10 year warranty. For more information, see pages 8-11 in Falcon’s Closers Catalog.

The SC81 packaging and label.

As with all door hardware installations, proper layout and preparation is important to ensure a quality, long-lasting installation. Start by taking a moment to tape your installation instructions to a wall next to the door. This allows you to easily reference them throughout the installation.

Falcon SC81 installation instructions.

The Falcon SC81 can be mounted in different configurations, such as regular arm or parallel. Since this installation will be a regular arm mount, we need to identify the appropriate instructions for it.

Door and frame preparation instructions for a Falcon SC81, regular arm installation.

Now that we know our measurements, let’s start making for them. An automatic center punch makes this part of the installation fast.

Measuring for a Falcon SC81 door closer installation.

Measuring for a Falcon SC81 door closer installation.

With one hole marked, we can use the closer body to mark the remaining 3 holes.

Marking for the 3 remaining holes.

All 4 holes marked.

This installation, like all commercial applications, should be through-bolted. We start by drilling a pilot hole through all 4 mounting holes.

Drilling the pilot holes.

In addition to the closer’s body, we also need to mark for the closer arm’s shoe.

Marking for a Falcon SC81 door closer’s shoe.

Like the door closer body, we can use the closer arm’s shoe to mark the remaining hole.

Marking for the door closer arm’s shoe.

With all holes marked, we can now install the closer. We start by enlarging the holes for the closer’s body and attaching the through-bolts.

Through-bolts started.

With the through-bolt’s tightened, we can then mount the shoe to the frame.

Once you finish mounting the closer and arm/shoe, we can adjust the latch and sweep valves to put the final touches on the installation.

Once we are satisfied with the closing speed(s), all that’s left is to apply the closer’s cover and pack up!

Finished installation.

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Patents That Shaped American Locksmithing, Part 5: Osbourn Dorsey's 2-For-1

The gallery was not found!
Patent Number: 210,764 (Google Patents)
Issue Date: December 10, 1878
Inventor(s): Osbourn Dorsey


Residential door hardware in the United States during the mid-19th century was wildly different from what is in use today. Functioning door knobs and levers weren’t the “norm” of the day; if you were wealthy enough to own locks that used keys, you more than likely opened/closed it with decorative trim or the key itself. Furthermore, aside from a few door closing devices and hinges, people didn’t have much control over the movement of their door(s).
Enter Osbourn Dorsey.
Osbourn Dorsey’s patent would be categorized as a “door holder” today. His “door-holding device” allowed a door to be secured in an open position at any desired angle. Today we can accomplish a similar task with a door closer using a hold-open feature or an electromagnetic door holder or any number of devices (lead bricks were even a popular choice at one point!). Nevertheless, Dorsey’s invention was the first patented device used for the purposes of keeping a door open. Dorsey’s patent contained another first: functioning knob trim.  The “door-holding device” utilized a knob to aid with securing the door into it’s desired position as well as release it.


Door holders would eventually become common door hardware items, still very much in use to this day. Knobs would become arguably the most popular style of door trim in the United States. Unfortunately, due to incomplete patent records, we’re unable to completely say what Dorsey’s impact was on either.
While Dorsey’s innovations were impressive for their time, there’s something equally impressive: Dorsey’s story. Dorsey was around the age of 16 when his patent was granted. Dorsey’s actual age and birthday are, apparently, lost to time. That’s because his age was approximated to be “about eight months” in May of 1863, just 4 months after President Abraham Lincoln issued Proclamation 95. This approximation was required to complete an official petition for freedom from slavery in Washington D.C.  Osbourn Dorsey was an infant born to slave parents who made the journey to the “free states” for their freedom in accordance with Proclamation 95, or the Emancipation Proclamation. 16 years after he unknowingly gained his freedom, Dorsey patented, perhaps unknowingly, two of the biggest innovations in door hardware and he did it on a single patent.

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Combination Lock Instructions Tool Launched


We have launched the first section in our “Combination Lock Instructions” Tool: Mechanical Combination Locks. The Mechanical Combination Locks section contains 32 separate models across the following 4 brands:

  • Codelocks, Inc.
  • LockeyUSA, Inc.
  • Preso-Matic Keyless Locks, LLC
  • Simplex (dormakaba)


This tool is optimized for mobile and desktop use. Whether you’re using this tool on your computer, tablet, or smart phone, the tool will display properly on your device. To use the tool, simply navigate to either the model number or picture of the lock, click it, and follow the programming instructions on the model’s page. Each page contains written instructions and, when available, illustrations. Furthermore, some models contain embedded videos detailing the programming process.

Future Updates

As we discussed last month, this tool, when complete, will allow locksmiths to locate the programming instructions for just about every mechanical and electronic combination locks in existence. The tool will be organized into the following sections:

  • Combination Padlocks
  • Electronic Combination Door Locks
  • Electronic Combination Safe Locks
  • Mechanical Combination Door Locks
  • Mechanical Combination Safe Locks
  • Specialty Combination Locks

Later this month, we will launch the Combination Padlocks section. Stay tuned!

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Antique Lock Literature Tool Updated

We have added 13 files to our Antique Lock Literature Tool. Manufacturers represented in the newest batch of files include:

  • H.B. Ives Co.
  • McKinney Manufacturing Co.
  • Oscar C. Rixson Co.
  • Peterboro Hardware Co.
  • Penn Hardware Co.
  • Reading Hardware Co.
  • Russell & Erwin Manufacturing Co.
  • Vonnegut Hardware Co.
  • Yale & Towne Manufacturing Co.

We have also started sorting literature by Manufacturer to help users navigate the growing amount of files. Special thanks to Canadian locksmith Zachary Linton (Zachary’s Locks and Security) for sending us these files.

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February Manufacturer Price Increases

Multiple manufacturers will change their prices this month. Below is a list of these manufacturers along with effective dates and links to the new price book(s). For more information, please consult with your local rep and/or the manufacturer for confirmation.

February 1st

Adams Rite2019 Product Catalog and Pricelist Download
HES/Folger Adams/SecuritronASSA ABLOY Electronic Security Hardware 2019 Product Catalog and Pricelist
National Guard Products2019 Price List
Medeco2019 Medeco Product Catalog

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