July 2019 Industry Events

Here are some of the industry events taking place this July:

  • July 9 – 11  Electronic Opening Solutions (ASSA ABLOY) (Monroe, NC)
  • July 11 Creating Pinning Charts for Small Format Interchangeable Cores (SFIC) (Webinar)
  • July 13 2019 Lancaster Lock Show (Morgantown, PA)
  • July 14 Penn-Ohio Locksmith Association (POLA) July Meeting (Canton, OH)
  • July 16 – 18 Corbin Russwin, Norton, Sargent and Yale Product Installation and Servicing (ASSA ABLOY) (Garland, TX)
  • July 20 Tennessee Organization of Locksmiths (TOOL) Forensic Locksmithing Class (Memphis, TN)
  • July 23 – 25 Electronic Opening Solutions (ASSA ABLOY) (Garland, TX)
  • July 23 – 26 Door Opening Essentials (ASSA ABLOY) (Carol Stream, IL)
  • July 26 Intertek Qualified Hardware Installer Program Exam (ASSA ABLOY) (Ontario, CA)

Help support the industry by attending these events. A lot of planning and hard work goes into making these events a reality.
For more information on these events, visit our Events page. Additional information, including links, is included with each Event entry. To add an event, please Contact Us.

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Locksmith News, Notes, and Events – 6/24/19


Banner Solutions Acquires Berg Wholesale

Banner Solutions, a national wholesaler of security opening hardware products, announced the acquisition of Berg Wholesale, an Oregon-based distributor of door and bath hardware. Banner Solutions is backed by private equity firm High Road Capital Partners. [Read More via SDM Magazine]

With New Technology Comes New Ways to Die

Since 2005, 37 deaths by carbon monoxide poisoning have been attributed to vehicles with keyless ignitions that were inadvertently left running. Automatic engine shutoff is not currently mandated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, so manufacturer’s application of the technology is sporadic. But the PARK IT Act wants to change that. [Read More via The Truth About Cars]


There have been some recent manufacturer price increases. These include:

  • Emtek Products, Inc. +3%
  • Master Lock Company, LLC + 6%
  • Deltana Enterprises, Inc. +8%
  • International Door Closers , Inc. +3%
  • PBB, Inc. +15%

Future price increases include:

  • Cal-Royal Products, Inc. +5-10% (June 27th)
  • Alarm Lock Systems Inc. +5% on T2/T2 Expanded Series (July 1st)
  • MARKS USA +~3% (July 1st)
  • Nortek Security & Control +~6% on Control, Power, and AV Electronics (July 1st)
  • Detex Corporation (August 1st)


Tuesday, June 25th – Rixson Product Training (ASSA ABLOY) (Ontario, CA)
Wednesday, June 26th – Door Controls Workshop (ASSA ABLOY) (Ontario, CA)
Thursday, June 27th – Friday, June 28th – Alabama Locksmith Association June Classes (Pell City, AL)
Thursday, June 27th – IDN-Hardware Minneapolis Trade Show (Bloomington, MN)
Thursday, June 27th – Installation and Programming of Norton Auto Operators (ASSA ABLOY) (Ontario, CA)
Saturday, June 29th – Jason/SE Lock and Key’s Saturday Morning Live Stream

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Reference Showcase: Lock Pickers United

A locksmith website recommending a locksport group? Of course! We are a reference website and we would be remiss if we ignored quality content in favor of politics or secret societies. The only agenda here is lock and locksmith information and that’s exactly why we’re showcasing and recommending that you check out Lock Pickers United (LPU). What is LPU? Exactly what the name implies; lock pickers who have united, in this case to share their knowledge using available means (more on that shortly).
If you are involved in the locksport community, even slightly, the names involved in this project read off like a “who’s who”:

  • Hux
  • Tumbl3r
  • MMDeveloper (https://assahatlabs.mmdeveloper.tech/)
  • Draukan
  • Supallama
  • LHG
  • Potkettleracism (Geaux Falcons!)
  • Digs
  • CorrectJeans
  • Gery
  • Mow (Pls)
  • CaptainHookNumber1
  • Squiburt
  • Pickbender
  • Geo
  • Jjay1one

You’ll find nearly all of these names participating in the LPU Discord as well as r/lockpicking, Twitter, and YouTube.
The most impressive thing under the LPU umbrella, in my opinion, is their YouTube Channel. They release a new, high quality video almost daily. Video topics include tool and pick fabrication and lock tear downs. They also release a video each week called “Mentorship Monday” where they break down the nuts and bolts of locksport and locksmithing.

Lock Pickers United have come out of the gate with a bang and if this is any indication of where they are going then they have a bright future ahead of them. Give their YouTube channel a follow, bookmark their website, and stay tuned. I’m sure there are great things to come.

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What's the Right Way to Mount Schlage Mortise Lock Thumbturns?


Very few things in locksmithing seem as inconsequential as mounting a thumbturn for a mortise lock. In truth, there should be a rhyme and reason to this and I inadvertently discovered that this week, but more on that in a bit. As a reminder, Schlage installation instructions don’t indicate a right or wrong method of installation for thumbturns. Product literature doesn’t give us any additional clues either.

Standard Thumbturn in L9000 Catalog.


Standard thumbturn architectural drawing.

So, why should any of this matter? If you have been a locksmith for even a short amount of time you are no doubt aware that screws can loosen over time. Due to the very small clearance between the turn portion and the rest of thumbturn, it’s conceivable that a loose screw could either prevent full rotation of the thumbturn or bind it in place. If that were to occur while the door was locked you are looking at a very, very difficult lockout.

Clearance between turn portion and the rest of the thumbturn.

I know it would be a very, very difficult lockout because that is exactly what I encountered this week. The key would turn but the bolt would not retract. My initial thoughts, beyond the obvious, were that something must be wrong within the lock case. Only after I made entry did I realize what was going on. Lesson learned. Going forward, I will make sure to mount thumbturns so that the turn portion doesn’t pass over the mounting screws.


Fortunately, I had a job later in the week to convert an L9010 (Passage – F01) to an L9453 (Entrance w/ deadbolt – F20). I would need to drill for the cylinder’s hole as well as for the new thumbturn’s spindle. Since this thumbturn only rotates 90 degrees to throw and retract the bolt, keeping the mounting screws out of it’s path of rotation wasn’t too hard to pull off.

Bolt thrown.

Bolt retracted.


Outside trim unlocked.


Again, this seems like a very inconsequential task in the grand scheme of things but it could potentially prevent a lockout like the one I encountered. Whether most other installers have caught on to this, I don’t know. Hopefully this article will at least catch some eyes and convince others to start taking similar approaches when mounting thumbturns for Schlage’s L9000 Series mortise locks.

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Locksmith News, Notes, and Events – 6/17/19


ASIS Releases Education Lineup for GSX 2019 in Chicago

ASIS Int’l, a global association for security management professionals, announces the release of its education lineup for Global Security Exchange (GSX) 2019 to be held Sept. 8-12 in Chicago. The roster includes more than 300 sessions, organized into 17 subject-matter tracks. [Read More via Security Sales & Integration]

Appeals Court Sides With Search Engines In Battle Over ‘Scam’ Listings

Siding with tech companies, a federal appellate court has ruled that Google, Microsoft and Yahoo are immune from liability for allegedly posting listings by “scammers.” The ruling, issued Friday by a three-judge panel of the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, stems from a lawsuit by a group of 14 locksmiths who sued the tech companies over search listings for unlicensed locksmiths. [Read More via MediaPost]
For more news stories like this, please visit our News page.


There will be a free webinar this Thursday (June 20th) on how to decode small format interchangeable cores. It will start at 6:00 PM EST (5:00 PM CST/4:00 PM MST/3:00 PM PST). Shoot me an email and I will send you a registration link to sign up. We have less than 5 spots left for this webinar so don’t delay.
Here are the 2019 ALOA Election winners:

  • President: Jim Wiedman
  • North Central Region Director: Guy Spinello
  • Southeast Region Director: Tyler J. Thomas
  • Southwest Region Director: Guy Robinson
  • Associate Director: Noel Flynn


Tuesday, June 18th – Thursday, June 20th – Electronic Opening Solutions (ASSA ABLOY) (Berlin, CT)
Tuesday, June 18th – Allegion Locknetics Counter Day (Chamblee, GA)
Wednesday, June 19th – Friday, June 21st – 2019 IML Security Expo (Denver, CO)
Wednesday, June 19th – Electric Strike Installation Class (ASSA ABLOY) (Tampa, FL)
Thursday, June 20th – Saturday, June 22nd – Southern Lock 2019 Trade Show & Learning Expo (St. Petersburg, FL)
Thursday, June 20th – Decoding Small Format Interchangeable Cores (SFIC) Webinar
Saturday, June 22ndJason/SE Lock and Key’s Saturday Morning Live Stream.
For more events like this, please visit our Events page.

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Electric Strikes Library Update

We have updated the Electric Strikes page in the Library using our new format.  We have new literature and manuals for the following manufacturers:

  • AdamsRite USA
  • Alarm Controls Crop.
  • BEST Access Systems
  • Camden Door Controls
  • Cansec Systems Ltd.
  • DeltrexUSA
  • DoorKing, Inc.
  • Dortronics Systems, Inc.
  • DynaLock Corporation
  • GeoVision, Inc.
  • Hager Companies
  • Hanchett Entry Systems, Inc. (HES)
  • Trine Access Technology
  • Von Duprin

In the “Resources” tab, we have Hanchett Entry System’s Complete Guide to Electric Strikes as well as Adams Rite’s Electrical Strike Handbook and Von Duprin’s Guide to Selecting an Electric Strike. If you are new to electric strikes these PDFs are excellent primers on the subject. We have also linked a few installation and troubleshooting videos available on YouTube.

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Locksmith News, Notes, and Events – 6/10/19


Tourist amazingly unlocks a safe that had been locked for decades

A Canadian man haphazardly unlocked the secrets of a museum safe that had been sealed shut for at least 40 years. [Read More via Daily News]

7 Reasons Your Customers Should Migrate From Analog to IP Video

Depending on your types of customers you might not realize it, but there are still many end-user organizations using legacy analog camera systems that provide poor quality images. IP cameras offer the potential to capture and record much higher resolution images than analog cameras.
However, balancing the performance of a video system with common budget constraints has been a challenge that continues to keep many systems in the analog realm. The lower cost of analog video may allow security officers to install more cameras, but with the declining costs associated with current IP cameras, higher resolutions and system flexibility, the case for integrators to make with their customers about a move from analog to IP is stronger than ever. [Read More via Security Sales & Integration]

Electronic Doors Obstructed Pursuit of Virginia Shooter, Police Say

Police considered using a sledgehammer or explosive charge to break down doors after they were unable to open them due to lack of key cards. [Read More via Security Sales & Integration]

How to Stop Robocalls—or At Least Slow Them Down

Let’s be honest, you can’t kill robocalls completely. But you can block more of them than you might think. [Read More via WIRED Security]


I am happy to report that I have won my election for ALOA’s Southeast Director. Jim Wiedman won re-election as ALOA’s President. I do not have any further information on the elections at the moment but will make sure to relay additional results once I have them. Thank you all for your support!
LockPickingPatrolman/Bernoulli’s GoFundMe campaign has officially ended. All $800 was raised in 12 days, with $46 coming from last week’s auction. Thank you to everyone who supported with donations, likes, and retweets. We hope Bernoulli makes a fast, full, and safe recovery!


Tuesday, June 11th – Basic Low Voltage Electricity for Installers (ASSA ABLOY) Class in Garland, TX.
Wednesday, June 12th – Level 3 – Electronic Circuits, Wiring Diagrams and System Design (ASSA ABLOY) Class in Garland, TX.
Thursday, June 13th – LSA of Michigan General Meeting in Troy, MI.
Saturday, June 15thJason/SE Lock and Key’s Saturday Morning Live Stream.

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