Settling In and Looking Around

Today started with the only piece of locksmith business I had on tap for the day: picking up my ID badge, registration paperwork, and welcome bag. I can’t remember the process from the last time I was at the ALOA convention (2009) but this time was flawless. Showed up, showed my ID, and was handed everything in seconds. Kudos ALOA.

Inside of the welcome bag was a lot of great, valuable information. Some of it applied to the company I work for, some of it did not, but it was reassuring to see the level of commitment and enthusiasm that manufacturers are still showing to the ALOA convention. Kudos convention vendors.

Also in the bag was a very nice, high quality ALOA lapel pin, a pen/level from Akron Hardware, and what I can best assume is a bookmark featuring a Schlage 35-101-C blank embossed with Judging from the information in the packet, along with emails I’ve gotten from vendors with booths convention, companies will be handing out convention goodies en masse this year. Can’t wait!

Once I got that order of business out of the way, we set out to enjoy the National Harbor area. We enjoyed a nice breakfast at one of the restaurants in the hotel, walked around the boardwalk for a bit, and even spent some time at the pool.

We found a nice oyster bar in the area for a late lunch/early dinner. I was a bit apprehensive at paying $30 for a dozen oysters but, hey, I love oysters and I’m not sure I’ve ever eaten an oyster that wasn’t farmed in the Gulf. At least, that’s how I’m rationalizing what I paid.

To cap off the (early) evening, we got tickets to the carousel right on the river. Great views and a great time. And with that, the vacation portion of the trip is at an end for me. The wife and son get to continue their fun for the next 3 days. Tomorrow, I start the business portion of the trip.