I have decided that I will run for the position of ALOA’s Southeast Director in 2019. My goals are to increase membership numbers, increase revenue for the Association, attract “young blood” to the trade and Association, expand education opportunities, revitalize the PRP, and increase convention attendance while lowering vendor/attendee costs. Here’s how I plan to do it:

The Organization

  • Offer live streaming and recorded video of Board meetings. Members are currently free to sit at any Board meeting, with the exception of instances of Executive Session, but that’s not always possible because of travel and/or previous obligations. In the essence of transparency, members should have other means available to them to view Board meetings.
  • Revise Article VII and create permanent committees to supplement the work of ALOA staff and the Board. Various committees have come and gone through the years but I think it is time to codify their permanent place in the Association. These committees would include Membership, Convention, Education, Proficiency Registration Program (PRP), Scammer, and Legislation and Licensing and would be compromised of Board members and members at large.


  • Solve ALOA’s “age dilemma”. Utilizing my idea of “tiered membership”, we should be proactive towards recruiting members of the “Millenial” generation as well as “Generation Z”.
  • Health insurance. Multiple associations of comparable size to ALOA currently offer association health plans for their members. It’s time ALOA explores the option of doing the same.
  • Create an apprenticeship program. Similar to the ALOA Career Center, the apprenticeship program would help business owners connect with individuals seeking to join the trade. Business owners and former apprentices would also work together to develop a curriculum to assist other business owners with “fast tracking” their apprentice’s development and success.


  • Bring back live webinars led by ACE Instructors and manufacturers. Not everyone can attend classes out of town or at a convention. It’s time to bring back live webinars so that members can learn on weeknights and/or weekends from their home, business, or shop. This generates revenue for the Association and provides additional education opportunities for the members.
  • Offer remote training classes from the ALOA Training Center. Live, ACE Instructor-lead classes specifically geared towards remote training, e.g. online, should be given throughout the year. Again, this generates revenue for the Association and provides additional education opportunities for the members.
  • Digitize the existing ALOA video library and make it available to members via the ALOA website. At one time, the ALOA video library allowed members to rent instructional videos to learn in the comfort of their home, business, or shop. It’s time to bring it back for members to utilize but rather than awaiting the availability of a particular video, all members should have access to the digitized videos on their ALOA website member page.


  • Re-form the Proficiency Registration Program (PRP) committee. This committee would be tasked with evaluating and updating the Mandatory and Elective tests. Furthermore, this committee would be tasked with working as a liaison between ALOA and employers, job listing agencies/websites/companies, and government agencies to promote the program and it’s value.
  • Freeze all future certification additions to the PRP program. The amount of certifications now offered by ALOA within the PRP has devalued existing certifications and caused undue confusion with members and employers. This must be stopped for the foreseeable future.

The Convention

  • Establish three geographic regions within the continental US (East, Central, and West) and rotate the convention’s location between those regions. This would ensure that members would be within a reasonable proximity of a convention once every 3 years.
  • Seek host hotel/convention sites that are financially viable to both members and vendors. Members want affordable lodging and amenities at conventions to reduce the financial impact of attending, vendors want high-population areas to showcase their products to as many members as possible. Seeking solutions that works for both parties will ensure high attendance from both members and vendors. The Convention committee would be tasked with analyzing potential host cities/hotels for the ALOA staff and the Board with this fundamental idea in mind.


  • Evaluate, coordinate, and deploy a concentrated response, or responses, to the growing scammer problem in this industry. An operational goal, budget, and timeline should be created by ALOA and it’s members to “fight back” on a unified front against the ongoing scammer problem. In the past, efforts have been fragmented, aimless, and/or without oversight. No more.