Later this month, we will launch our “Combination Lock Instructions” Tool. This tool will allow locksmiths to locate the programming instructions for mechanical and electronic combination locks. It will be optimized for both mobile and desktop platforms and sort combination locks into the following categories:

  • Combination Cam Locks
  • Combination Padlocks
  • Electronic Combination Safe Locks
  • Mechanical Combination Safe Locks
  • Electronic Combination Door Locks
  • Mechanical Combination Door Locks

Each category will be launched separately, starting in two weeks with mechanical combination door locks. Each combination lock, regardless of the category, will be sorted by manufacturer. Furthermore, a manufacturer’s photograph of each respective lock will be included along it’s part/series name. This will allow locksmiths to locate known combination locks as well as unknown combination locks (sometimes the only information we have in front of us is the lock itself!).
Best of all, this tool will allow a locksmith, either in the shop or out in the field, to find the programming instructions for any combination lock, past or present, in 2 clicks or less. Talk about efficiency!