Door Closer Footprint Comparison Chart Version 6.0 Released

We have updated the Door Closer Footprint Comparison Chart in the Tools Section. We’re now at Version 6.0 with 42 manufacturers/brands represented across 34 unique footprints and 301 unique models.

As always, footprints are organized by horizontal center-to-center measurements, smallest to largest. If multiple footprints exist with the same horizontal center-to-center measurements, they are further organized by vertical center-to-center measurements, smallest to largest. Manufacturers/brands are organized alphabetically. Column A is freeze paned for the included footprints. Row 1 is freeze paned for the included manufacturer/brands. This means that as you narrow down a specific model/models or manufacturer/brands, this information stays locked in your screen. This allows you to quickly find information.

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  1. Mike Frasher October 21, 2019 at 9:41 AM - Reply

    Thank you again, what a great resource

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