We have updated the Door Closer Footprint Comparison Chart in the Tools Section. We’re now at version 3.0 with 40 manufacturers/brands, 34 unique footprints, 289 unique models represented in the chart. We have added an additional manufacturer and removed from hyperlinks from hyperlinks from unique models (there were too many issues with encoding). Instead, the locksmith is instructed to consult our Parallel, Regular, and Top-Jamb page in the Library to locate installation manuals, spec sheets, and related manufacturer literature.

As always, footprints are organized by horizontal center-to-center measurements, smallest to largest. If multiple footprints exist with the same horizontal center-to-center measurements, they are further organized by vertical center-to-center measurements, smallest to largest. Manufacturers/brands are organized alphabetically. Column A is freeze paned for the included footprints. Row 1 is freeze paned for the included manufacturer/brands. This means that as you narrow down a specific model/models or manufacturer/brands, this information stays locked in your screen. This allows you to quickly find information.