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Exit Alarms, Part 2: Standalone Units

Standalone Exit Alarm Units

As a quick recap from Part 1, compared to integrated units, standalone exit alarm units are usually the more cost-efficient option. They are surface-mounted and generally do not require any modifications to the door or frame beyond the mounting screws for the hardware. Additionally, the existing lock(s) and door hardware are able to remain untouched.
There are plenty of options for standalone exit alarms. Here are some of the most popular:

Alarm Lock PG Series

The Alarm Lock PG Series is compromised of 4 unique exit alarm models: LL1, PG10, PG21, and PG30.

Alarm Lock PG10

PG10 is door-mount standalone exit alarm that provides keyed arming and disarming from either side of the door. The PG10 is available for single or double doors. An optional AC power supply is also available. Other features include:

  • 95 dB alarm
  • Battery back up and test button
  • The alarm can be bypassed from inside or outside by the use of a key
  • Two separate tamper switches

Alarm Lock LL1

Alarm Lock LL1
Alarm Lock LL1

LL1 is a PG10 with an additional strobe light for easy identification as well as a choice of system controllers.

Alarm Lock PG21

Alarm Lock PG21MSS
Alarm Lock PG21MSS

PG21 a narrow stile, door-mount standalone exit alarm with two selectable arming modes:

  1. Always armed mode – The key is unable to removed when in the disarmed position. Key must be rotated back to the armed position  for removal.
  2. Standard arming mode – The key is able to be removed when in the disarmed position.

Other features of the PG21 include:

  • 95 dB alarm &/or strobe
  • Low Battery Alert
  • LED Status Indicator
  • Exit Delay Time Options of 15 seconds; 1 min. 15 sec. & 3 mins 15 sec.
  • Dual Tamper Switches

While narrow-stile, the PG21 can be mounted on standard size doors as well. It is available in metallic silver and duronodic finishes and is armed/disarmed by a standard mortise cylinder (exterior control is possible via an optional rim cylinder). Other options for the PG21 include continuous alarm, minute shutdown with auto reset and exit/entry delay, a strobe light, and an AC power supply.

Alarm Lock PG30

The PG30 is very similar to the PG21.
Rather than cylinder control, the PG30 offers keypad control in addition to the following features:

  • 95 dB alarm with 3 programmable styles: sweep, pulsed, and steady
  • Audible low battery warning
  • Digital codes for master, management and passage (used for auto-arming)
  • 3 security levels for: a) high security b) unattended applications c) flexible control for delivery doors, etc.
  • Logo key is dual function test button

Arrow 130N Series

Arrow 130N
Arrow 130N

The Arrow 130N is perhaps the most economical standalone units currently available on the market. It’s features include:

  • 105 dB alarm
  • 9VDC battery operated with Low Battery Alert
  • Exit Delay Time Options of 7, 10,15 or 20 seconds
  • LED Status Indicator
  • Manual or automatic alarm reset adjustable for 2, 5 or 10 minutes

Detex EAX-500

Detex EAX-500
Detex EAX-500

The Detex EAX-500 is arguably one of the most popular and recognizable standalone exit alarms in North America. Features of the EAX-500 include:

  • 100 dB alarm
  • 9VDC battery operated with Low Battery Alert
  • Tapered cover that allows for installation on narrow stile doors
  • Intelligent circuit that senses the external magnet location automatically and sets the correct door handing
  • Secure, tamper resistant housing
  • LED visual and audible arming indicators

Detex EAX-2500

Detex EAX-2500
Detex EAX-2500

The Detex EAX-2500 is a hardwired exit alarm that will fit in a standard 4″ x 4″ outlet box. In addition to a battery back up, the EAX-2500 offers the following features:

  • 100 dB alarm
  • Field selectable low battery alert
  • Field selectable silent arming, status indicators and auto rearm options
  • Tamper resistant housing and cover protects electronics
  • Patented cam assembly that automatically adjusts for different size cylinders without spacers
  • Extended bypass that allows alarm to remain silenced when door is open and automatically rearm upon closing of door

Safety Technology International Exit Stopper

STI Exit Stopper
STI Exit Stopper

Safety Technology International’s Exit Stopper is a standalone exit alarm that can be door or wall-mounted. The Exit Stopper uses a polycarbonate housing available in red and green. Features of the Exit Stopper include:

  • 95/105 dB alarm
  • Low battery beep and flash; extended battery life mode
  • In exit alarm mode, alarm can be set to sound for 30 seconds, 3 minutes or indefinitely (unless disarmed with key supplied or until battery is drained)
  • In annunciator mode, it announces door entry/exit with 2 beeps repeated 5 times
  • Programmable 30 second entry delay or immediate alarm
  • Arming delay allows unit to arm following authorized exits

The Exit Stopper comes in a variety of options. These options reflect a variety of solutions and include:

  • STI-6400WIR supervised wireless (requires 8-Channel Receiver or Voice Receiver).
  • STI-V6400WIR4 supervised wireless with 4-Channel Voice Receiver.
  • STI-6402 protection for double doors.
  • STI-6403 remote horn can be located 300 feet from the door.
  • STI-6404 protection for double doors, has remote horn capabilities.
  • STI-6405 resettable alarm.

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