We’ve added the Safes page to our newly launched Safe and Vault section of the Library. The Safes page is dedicated to gun safes, fire safes, and GSA containers. Given the subject matter, this page doesn’t feature as much technical information as other pages in the Library but there is still quite a bit of useful information, such as safe models, ratings, and measurements. This information can be found in the product catalogs found in the Manfacturer’s Literature and Manuals.

At launch, we have product catalogs for the following manufacturers:

  • Browning Arms
  • Burg Wachter USA
  • FireKing
  • Fort Knox
  • Gardall
  • GunVault
  • Liberty Safe
  • MESA Safe Company
  • Vault Pro

We’ve also included a few quick reference manuals for Tidel’s TACC line as well as links to AMSEC web pages dedicated to explaining burglar and fire ratings for safes. We’ve also included a link to a video created by Dakota Safe Company that shows a fire rating test on a gun safe.