SecurityInfoWatch: Nortek’s acquisition of IntelliVision could prove to be a transformative move When Nortek Security & Control pulled the trigger on last week’s acquisition of California-based artificial intelligence and deep learning-based video analytics vendor IntelliVision, the move essentially propelled the company into the expanding universe of solutions providers vying for their niche in the Internet of Things (IoT). By virtue of the acquisition, Nortek is now uniquely situated to become one of the few technology companies that could eventually build the elusive IoT bridge that will link residential, commercial, institutional, retail and public safety sectors into a seamless and actionable communication network. [READ MORE]

Cabinet, Cam, and Mailbox

Woodworking Network: Combination Cam Lock FJM Security Products’ Combi-Cam division has introduced a new combination cam lock with manager key override that offers higher security with a flush mount and ratcheting knob. The lock features two modes, a static one-user mode, or a one-time-use mode where an unlimited number of people can use the lock with a unique code each time. The deadlocking combination feature allows dials to be scrambled while the lock is open and if the combination is forgotten, the manager key can be used to override the combination to discover and reset the code. [READ MORE]

Case Study

CNET: AI-powered CCTV cameras in China catch another wanted fugitive Authorities caught a guy as he was leaving a concert. At least he got to listen to it first. [READ MORE]

The Washington Post: A short circuit unlocked cells at a South Carolina jail. Now a murder suspect is on the loose. Tyshon Demontrea Johnson and Curtis Ray Green, both facing trials for brutal murders, fled Orangeburg Detention Center with a third inmate Saturday after a short circuit caused their cell doors to automatically open. Johnson and the third inmate, an accused carjacker, have since been recaptured, but the manhunt had not resulted in Green’s capture by early Wednesday, leaving the jail’s frightened neighbors demanding to know how its systems could so utterly fail. [READ MORE]

WDAY6: Police say certain types of locks more susceptible to break ins Thousands of garages are at risk of burglary, that’s according to a warning from Fargo Police. Police want people to be especially careful if they have a certain type of lock on their garages, they say these key operated electronic locks are especially easy to get into. [READ MORE]

Wireless Electronic Locks

Forbes: A Basic Z-Wave Hack Exposes Up To 100 Million Smart Home Devices So-called “smart” locks and alarms are proliferating across people’s homes, even though hackers have shown various weaknesses in their designs that contradict their claims to being secure. Now benevolent hackers in the U.K. have shown just how quick and easy it is to pop open a door with an attack on one of those keyless connected locks. [READ MORE]

(Direct Link to Pen Test Partner’s Z-Wave Exploit Write-Up: Z-Shave. Exploiting Z-Wave downgrade attacks)

Venture Beat: LockState raises $5.8 million to accelerate adoption of smart locks in homes LockState, the parent company of RemoteLock cloud platform for smart locks, has raised $5.8 million in a new round of funding to accelerate the adoption of smart locks in homes. [READ MORE]