We have launched our Manufacturer & Tech Support Directory in the Tools section.  This directory contains pertinent contact information, such as addresses, phone and fax numbers, website URLs, and even specific technical support instructions, for hundreds of manufacturers involved in the locksmith industry. These manufacturers cover areas including, but not limited to: automotive, access control, CCTV, commercial and residential hardware, door closers and operators, keys, and safes.

The goal of this tool is to provide locksmiths with their own personal “Rolodex” for manufacturers. While someone can search Google and track down these numbers, we have created a Directory that allows a locksmith to locate necessary contact information in either one click or one search. That is efficiency.

There are three ways to navigate this directory or locate information within it.

Navigation Menu

Perhaps the easiest way to navigate the Directory is to utilize the Menu at the top of the website. Simply hover over the Tools section and then the Manufacturers & Tech Support option to either access the Directory main page or reveal each entries’ page.

Links Within the Directory

There are links to each entries’ page on the top of the main Directory page. There are also links at the top and bottom of each entries’ page. This allows you to navigate within the Directory from any page in it.

The Search Function

You can also use the Search function. Simply enter the manufacturer’s name, or a portion of it, within quotes, e.g. “Schlage” to return the applicable page.


We are excited to launch this tool. We believe that locksmiths will find tremendous use in it. I’ve spent many hours in a truck and have been called to service hardware I wasn’t immediately familiar with. I wish I had a tool like this Directory in those days. It would have saved me a lot of time Googling and searching manuals for phone numbers!