We’ve added a key bitting specification for Mul-T-Lock’s Classic and Interactive platform to our Key Bitting Specifications Tool under the “High Security” tab.

Mul-T-Lock’s Classic platform introduced a revolutionary telescoping dimple design to the industry in the 1970s. This design utilizes a dimple key which uses inner and outer key cuts to interact with corresponding inner and outer bottom pins. When the Classic’s patent expired in 1994 it’s successor, the Interactive, was introduced. The Interactive improved on the Classic’s design with the debut of the “interactive element”. This interactive element, per LockWiki.com, is “a moving element in the key [used] to raise a pin stack higher than physically possible by a traditional key.”

The success of the Classic and Interactive platforms was immediate and widespread. Classic and Interactive keys and locks can be found all over the world and both platforms, while no longer carrying active utility patents, are still in production today. They are especially popular in Israel, Canada, and the United States.