We are not the only reference website available to help locksmiths. Here are a few others, in no particular order, that cover many of the same topics we do:


Lockwiki, as it names suggests, is a lock reference website structured in a format similar to Wikipedia. Currently, there are other 241 individual articles across 1,487 individual pages. Best of all, like Wikipedia, content is largely submitted via individuals. There are a number of great photographs and instructions related to many cylinder and core types. This is perhaps one of the greatest lock reference websites out there.

The creator and owner of Lockwiki, datagram, also maintains LockpickingForensics.com which contains a fair bit of valuable information on it’s own.


CataLocks.eu is a catalog of European profile cylinders (the form factor, not the manufacturer’s country of origin). There are hundreds, if not thousands, of high-resolution pictures of 883 individual profile cylinder platforms.  Available to be sorted alphabetically, type, system, brand, and country of origin there is a lot of quality information available to help locksmiths understand the different cylinder platforms out there.


iDigHardware is Lori Greene’s personal blog and I doubt a better life safety reference exists anywhere else in the world, no matter the medium. Lori regularly shares job site photos related to life safety, hosts discussions related to life safety questions and news, and even shares publications she’s written for various trade magazines. It’s a HUGE wealth of information. Even better, she hosts code reference guides and tools to help locksmiths with life safety codes.


Maintained by MMDeveloper (of r/lockpicking fame), Assahat-Labs is a web page dedicated to one man’s journey with sharing everything he’s learned about various lock platforms and lock-related concepts. Currently, one can find a great deal of information and pictures on topics such as Assa, Medeco, and Schlage locks and even security pins.


I’ve saved perhaps the best for last: YouTube. While not solely a “reference” website, there are numerous YouTube users that have Channels to dedicated to locks and/or locksmithing. Whether discussing individual locks or various door hardware items or even waxing philosophical on a number of lock/locksmithing topics, there is a vast amount of quality information on YouTube. Here are a few of our favorites:


This is by no means an exhaustive list, more so just reference websites we regularly consult and visit. If you have any suggestions, feel free to post them below in the comments below so that others may benefit from them. Next week, we’ll cover communities/forums available to locksmiths.