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Project Description

1600 Programming Instructions

Video Demonstration

Written Instructions

1. Using a #2 screwdriver, remove the four (4) Red Screws.

2. Carefully remove cover plate. WARNING: Springs are attached to plate.

‘Y’ = PASSAGE (‘Y’ Tumbler may be removed to disable PASSAGE FUNCTION)

3.  PRESS & HOLD ‘C’ BUTTON to release tumblers. IMPORTANT: ‘C’ button MUST be pressed and held down when removing and inserting tumblers. Failure to do so will damage the lock and void the warranty

4. While holding the ‘C’ BUTTON, remove/add CODE (Red) and NONCODE (Blue) tumblers to create your desired code. Ex: 3 Red = 3-Digit Code / 6 Red = 6-Digit Code.

5. After changing your code, release the ‘C’ BUTTON to secure the tumblers in place.

6. Replace the cover plate and secure with four (4) Red Screws, using a #2 screwdriver.

7. TEST CODE before installing/re-installing lock.