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Project Description

Simplex 3000 Programming Instructions

Video Demonstration

Written Instructions

The door must be open.

1. Changing Combinations: In order to change an existing combination, you must:

  1. Have a DF 59 Key
  2. Know the existing combination
  3. Have lock set for pushbutton access to retract latch
  4. Have a small flat 1⁄8″ blade screwdriver
  5. Keep the door open during combination change procedure

2. Any or all buttons in any order, separately and/or pushed at the same time can be used in your new combination. Each button can only be used once in the combination.

3. Remove the control lock assembly and trim plate using the DF 59 key provided, exposing combination change sleeve as shown (See Figure 4-1). Key must be turned to the left (counterclockwise rotation until control lock assembly can be removed from lock).

4. Turn outside thumb turn counterclockwise (to the left) to stop position and release (See Figure 4-2). This will clear the lock of previously depressed buttons.

5. Depress the buttons in the existing combination making certain each button is fully depressed and released.

6. Insert the screwdriver into combination change sleeve slot (See Figure 4-1). Gently turn the screwdriver to the right (clockwise) to the stop position, making sure not to force it. A slight click should be felt/heard. Turn the screwdriver to the left (counterclockwise) to the stop, then remove.

7. Clear the lock of old combination by turning the thumb turn to the left (counterclockwise) to the stop position. Release the knob.

8. Depress the buttons of desired combination carefully, making sure that a click is felt with each button(s) that is depressed, and release.

9. Turn the thumb turn clockwise to the stop position, assuring the latch is retracted (See Figure 4-3). Release thumb turn. You should not be able to turn the thumb turn unless you have
depressed the buttons of your newly entered combination. The new combination is now programmed in the lock.

10. Replace control lock assembly and trim plate by inserting threaded rod portion into the combination change sleeve and turning to the right (clockwise) until trim plate is snug against the stile of door. The DF 59 key can be removed from control lock assembly in the vertical position only.

11. Before closing door, activate new combination and turn the thumb turn to the right (clockwise) to ensure proper retraction of the latch (See Figure 4-4).