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Project Description

Master Lock 4691DWD Series Programming Instructions

Video Demonstration

Written Instructions

Note: This lock is preset at the factory to operate at P-L-A-Y.

1. With dials at P-L-A-Y, lift the shackle and turn it 90 degrees. The notch on the shackle should line up with the notch on the lock body.

2. Press the shackle down as far as it will go and turn it an additional 90 degrees.

3. Set the dials so your new combination shows in the windows on the side of the lock.

4. Lift the shackle and rotate it 180 degrees back to the closed position.

5. Open and close the shackle a few times to ensure the combination was set properly.

6. Scramble the dials to lock.

Note: Be sure to record your NEW combination as you are the only one that knows it!