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Project Description

Simplex 6200 Programming Instructions

Video Demonstration

Written Instructions

The door must be open.

1. Turn the thumbturn to the left (counterclockwise) to the stop position and release. This will clear any random entries from the mechanism.

2. Enter the existing combination. The factory-set code is 2 and 4 depressed simultaneously, followed by 3.

3. Gently remove the rubber cap (A) covering the combination change hole and save (see figure 9-1).

4. Insert the pointed end of the spanner wrench (B) into the combination change hole as shown (see figure 9-2).

5. Gently lift up until a slight click is heard or felt. Do not force.

6. Remove the spanner wrench.

7. Turn the outside thumbturn to the left (counterclockwise) to the stop position and release to clear the old combination.

8. Select a new code and write it down (some or all of the buttons may be used for your new code, depressed individually or simultaneously). Each button may be used only once.