Project Description

Different interpretations/definitions abound for what is considered an antique. For the purposes of this tool we will set the limit at 50 years or older. Below is a list of files, such as brochures and catalogs, related to lock hardware that meet this criteria. For antique literature related to padlocks, check out’s download page.
Note: Some of the files linked below are larger than 500 MB in size. Please keep that in mind before downloading.

A.C Hobbs

Briggs & Stratton

Caverhill, Learmont & Co.

Detroit Hardware Manufacturing Co.

Diebold Safe & Lock Co.

Eagle Lock Co.

The Graham Manufacturing Co.

H.B. Ives Co.

Henry R. Towne

Independent Locksmith Co. (ILCO)

J. Chesler & Sons Co.

Lawrence Brothers Inc.

Linus Yale Jr.

Lockwood Hardware Manufacturing Co.

Oscar C. Rixson Co.

P & F Corbin Co.

Penn Hardware Co.

Peterboro Hardware Co.

McKinney Manufacturing Co.

Mosler Safe Co.

Reading Hardware Co.

Russell & Erwin Manufacturing Co.

Sargent & Co.

Sargent & Greenleaf Co.

Vonnegut Hardware Co.

Yale & Towne Manufacturing Co.