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Project Description

CL500 Programming Instructions

Written Instructions

1. Remove the lock from the door by unscrewing the 2 screws in the back plate.
2. Press the ‘C ’ button to reset the chamber and place the lock case on a flat surface with the buttons down.
3. Remove the 2 red screws and carefully lift off the code chamber plate. Check that all 14 springs are held in place on the plate.
4. Note that the coloured code tumblers correspond in position to the existing code. The silver non-code tumblers fill the other positions. The C tumbler is not coloured.
5. Hold the lock in your hand and depress the ‘C ’ button. Keeping the ‘C ’ button depressed, use tweezers to reposition the tumblers to correspond with your new code. The square notches of ALL tumblers MUST face outwards, with the square tips ON TOP: See diagram below. DO NOT force the tumblers in.

Note: Holding the ‘C’ button depressed whilst re-positioning the tumblers is ESSENTIAL to avoid damaging the internal mechanism. DO NOT attempt to reposition the ‘C’ tumbler

6. Replace the code chamber plate carefully with the 2 red screws.
7. Check the operation of the new code, and make a written note of it before re-installing the lock.