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Project Description

CL600 Programming Instructions

Written Instructions

Note: Models 605, 615, 625 only – Before changing code press the ‘Z’ and ‘C’ button to ensure that the lock is not in free passage mode.

1. Choose code.
2. Insert key and turn anticlockwise to stop for right hand hung doors, or clockwise to stop for left hand hung doors. Fig 1.
3. Push the code change tool onto each button in turn, pushing in the buttons approx 2mm (3/32”) turn anticlockwise 180°. All buttons should now be in the non code position.
4. Test that all buttons are in non code position (perform step 6 before testing buttons) then depress the lever handle which should retract the latch. If latch cannot be retracted press ‘C’ button and repeat step 3.
5. To select a button as a code button, push code tool over button. Press in button with tool approx 2mm (3/32”) and turn clockwise 180°. Fig 2.
6. Now turn the key clockwise for right hand hung doors, or anticlockwise for left hand hung doors retracting the latch which will relock the code buttons. Fig 3.
7. Return the key to center and remove.
8. Before closing door test code.