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Project Description

CCL Security Products KCR0436 Series Programming Instructions

Written Instructions

This padlock is preset at the factory to open at 0-0-0-0. Turn the wheels to this combination. Depress shackle.

1. Open lock.

2. Push hooped change pin down into open shackle hole as far as it will go, with the hoop facing the two small screws on the top of the lock.

3. While the pin is fully inserted, set the 4 wheels to your chosen combination. Choose a number you will remember.

4. Pull out the change pin. Lock is now set to the new combination.

To Lock: Turn the wheels to scramble the numbers. Depress Shackle.

To Re-open: Dial-in your secret combination and depress the shackle. Lubricate occasionally with powdered graphite. Do not use oil.