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Project Description

Simplex LD 470 Programming Instructions

Written Instructions

1. Remove the lock from the door.

2. Remove the 4 retaining (red) screws from the back of the outside unit assembly. Take extra care to keep the outside unit assembly on a flat surface when you are removing the cover plate because there are many small components inside.

3. You will now see that there are 5 red color coded tumblers and 8 blue colored un-coded tumblers, plus 1 clear tumbler (‘C’ button).

4. To change your code, hold the outside unit assembly with the push-buttons facing down. Press the “C” button and hold it.

Note: If the “C” is not held in while changing the code, the lock can be damaged.

5. Using the tweezers supplied (or small needle nose pliers), you can easily remove one or more of the coded and uncoded tumblers.

Note:  The red tumblers represent coded digits and the blue tumblers represent non-coded digits. NEVER remove the ‘C’ tumbler.

6. Please note the different shapes of the tumblers before reinserting them into the lock body. There is a difference in shape between the coded and un-coded tumblers as illustrated. When refitting the tumblers into the lock body, they must be fitted facing the correct way as show in the illustration.

Note:  All square cutouts must face outwards. The bump on the tumbler (either color) must fall into the machined slot.

7. After you have refitted the tumblers and made a note of the new code, replace the metal cover plate with the 4 screws.

Note: Note: With the spare tumblers provided, you can either increase the number of digits in your code to 6-7, or reduce to 3-4.