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Project Description

M210/220/230 Programming Instructions

Written Instructions

1. Using a #2 screwdriver, remove the two (2) Red Screws.

2. Carefully remove cover plate. WARNING: Springs are attached to plate.

3.  TURN & HOLD thumb-turn to right or left 90° to release tumblers. IMPORTANT: THUMB-TURN MUST be turned 90° and held when removing and inserting tumblers. Failure to do so will damage the lock and void the warranty.

WARNING: Do NOT force tumblers into position! Turning thumbturn 90° = Clear Position.

4. With the thumb-turn held 90° to right or left, remove/add CODE (Red) and NONCODE (Blue) tumblers to create your desired code. Ex: 3 Red = 3-Digit Code / 6 Red = 6-Digit Code.

5. After changing your code, release the thumbturn to secure the tumblers in place.

6. Replace the cover plate and secure with two (2) Red Screws, using a #2 screwdriver.

7. TEST CODE before installing/re-installing lock.