Project Description



abb. sub-assembled

n. a substantial, secure container with varying degrees of security and/or fire resistance, used to store valuables against fire or theft

safe deposit
n. a typically key accessed container that requires dual key operation, usually located inside a vault

safe deposit function
adj. an operational characteristic of a lock which requires two separate keys working in tandem to open the lock

safe deposit lock
n. a lock that typically requires two separate keys to access a container

safe door
n. that portion of a safe used to gain access to the contents of the safe in a normal day to day manner

sally port
n. an access control area with doors or gates secured by interlocks such that only one may be opened at a time

sash lock
n. a type of window lock

abb. Safe and Vault Technicians Association

abb. Southern Building Code Congress International

n. a thin piece of metal which is usually crimped or spun onto the front of a cylinder. It determines the cylinder’s finish and may also serve as the plug retainer.

Scandinavian padlock
n. a cast case padlock with an elliptical cross section. The locking mechanism is a set of rotating disc tumblers, which engage notches in the cast shackle and may be rotated by the angled cuts cast on the key.

scan tool
n. an automotive diagnostic tool used to read fault codes, and in some cases configure or program various modules or keys

screen door lock
n. a lock designed for the thin stiles typically found on screen and storm doors

screw change (wheel)
n. a perforated tumbler that may have its combination set by placement of a screw in one of the perforations

screwless knob
n. a mortise lock knob assembly secured to the spindle without screws

screwless rose
n. a mortise lock rose installed without screws

abb. safe deposit box

n. a single use device intended to give recognizable evidence to the physical opening or entry of a door, container, or space

second generation duplicate
n. a key reproduced from a first generation duplicate

secondary key
n. a key which operates certain locks on a vehicle, but not the ignition lock

secret gate latch
n. a small keyless rim latch, which when properly installed, is operated by pressing a concealed actuator

sectional trim
n. a design that uses two or more escutcheons on the same side of a door for a single lock

security collar
n. 1. a protective cylinder collar, see also “cylinder guard”

security leg keyway
n. a key section and keyway design that incorporates two non-curved planes of the key blade intersecting at an angle between 1 and 89 degree

segmented follower
n. a plug follower sliced into sections which are introduced into the cylinder shell one at a time. It is typically used with profile cylinders.

selective change key
n. an incidental key whose combination is taken from an individual key and the unique bitting of a selective master key

selective key system
n. a key system in which every key has the capability of being a master key. It is normally used for applications requiring a limited number of keys and extensive cross keying.

selective master key
n. an unassociated master key which can be made to operate any specific lock(s) in the entire system in addition to the regular master key(s) and/or change key(s) for the cylinder without creating key interchange

self closing
adj. pertaining to doors or covers which have a continuous force applied in the closing direction

semi-automatic key machine
n. a machine capable of duplicating keys with limited manual operations

sequence of progression
n. the order in which bitting positions are progressed to obtain change key combinations

series wafer
n. a type of disc tumbler used in certain binary type disc tumbler key-in-knob locks. Its presence requires that no cut be made in that position on the operating key(s)

serrated fence
n. a fence with “V” shaped notches on a contact surface to inhibit manipulation

serrated tumbler
n. 1. a disk tumbler with “V” shaped notches in its sides that do not allow operation, 2. a lever tumbler which has “V” shaped notches in the contact end near the gate, 3. a pin tumbler with “V” shaped grooves around its circumference, 4. a combination wheel with “V” shaped notches along its outside diameter

service code
n. in an electronic lock, a factory set or user set code or combination that will open the lock one time

service hole
n. 1. an aperture aligned with each chamber, providing a path for the ejector pin to drive the entire pin stack from an IC, 2. a hole in a cylinder shell intended to provide access for rekeying without disassembly of the cylinder

service panel
n. the back cover of a safe door which must be opened or removed to allow access for repairs

servicemark keyway
n. any keyway whose shape has been configured to receive protection under trademark or servicemark law

set screw
n. a screw used to fasten a component in a fixed position relative to another component

set-up key
n. a key used to calibrate some types of key machines

set-up plug
n. a type of loading tool shaped like a plug follower. It contains pin chambers and is used with a shove knife to load springs and top pins into a cylinder shell.

seven column progression
n. a process wherein key bittings are obtained by using the cut possibilities in seven columns of the key bitting array

seven pin master key
n. a master key for all combinations obtained by progressing seven bitting positions

sex bolt
n. a nut and bolt set used to through bolt, with a closed nut basically flush with the mounting surface creating the appearance of a carriage bolt

abb. Small Format Interchangeable Core

n. 1. the part of a padlock, which passes through an opening in an object or fits around an object and is ultimately locked into the case 2. the portion of a restraint which fits around the wrist, ankle, neck, waist or thumb

shackle retaining pin
n. a pin which keeps an unlocked shackle heel in the case

shackle spring
n. a spring which pushes the shackle into the open position when the padlock is unlocked

n. 1 the part of a bit key between the bow and the stop; or, if there is no shoulder stop, the part between the bow and the near side of the bit, 2. a smaller diameter portion of a knob that is positioned between the larger portion of the knob and the rose or the door surface

abb. Security Hardware Distributors Association (formerly NLSA)

shear-head bolt
n. a threaded fastener which is designed to have the head break off when the correct torque is reached

shear line
n. a location in a cylinder at which specific tumbler surfaces must be aligned, removing obstruction(s) which prevented the plug from moving

n. the part of the cylinder which surrounds the plug and which usually contains tumbler chambers corresponding to those in the plug

1. n. a thin piece of material used to unlock the cylinder plug from the shell by separating the pin tumblers at the shear line, one at a time 2. v. to unlock a cylinder plug from its shell by using a shim

shipping pin
n. a pin or block used to prevent relockers from accidentally firing during shipment of a safe or vault door

n. 1. a bracket which attaches the arm of a door closer to the door or frame 2. the surface mounted case and guide components of an exit device 3. a mortise lock component which transfers pivoting motion of a thumbpiece to linear movement of the latch bolt

n. any key stop other than a tip stop, see also “bow stop”

shouldered chamber
n. a pin chamber with an internal shelf that limits travel of a complementarily shaped bottom pin

shouldered pin
n. a pin tumbler shaped as to prevent it from fully entering an unoccupied keyway or limit its travel within a pin chamber

shouldered spindle
n. in a safe lock, a spindle with a larger uniform diameter toward outside to prevent punching the spindle into the container

shove knife
n. a tool used with a set-up plug which pushes the springs and pin tumblers into the cylinder shell

showcase lock
n. normally a ratchet lock or plunger lock used on bypassing doors

shrouded shackle
n. a shackle which is protected from cutting or tampering by design or by the use of secondary shields

shunt switch
n. a maintained contact switch, often key operated

shut out key
n. usually used in hotel keying systems, a key which will make the lock inoperative to all other keys in the system except the emergency master key, display key, and some types of shut out keys

shut out mode
n. the state of a hotel function lockset which prevents operation by all keys except the emergency master key, display key, and some types of shut out keys

n. 1. a spring-loaded device which closes upon the removal of a cylinder tailpiece, protecting a locking device from being manipulated, 2. a spring-loaded device which covers a cylinder keyway when the key is not in it, also see appendix

shutter spring
n. a spring which returns the shutter on a lock to the closed position

sickle key
n. a key in the form of a sickle inserted through a hole in a door to actuate a bolt on the opposite side of the door

side milling slotter
n. a key machine cutting wheel with a squared edge that can cut on the side as well as the periphery of the wheel

side sheath
n. a portion of a multi-part pin tumbler lock plug used to complete the shear line fully around the plug

side ward
n. a ward which prevents entry of an incorrect key into a non-cylinder lock

side ward cut
n. a cut made into a key to bypass a side ward

n. a cylinder locking member mounted longitudinally in a plug, which engages multiple tumblers

sidebar lock
n. a lock mechanism which incorporates a sidebar

sidecode variant
n. a master keying style of pin tumbler locks which uses the keying capabilities of the secondary security technology to effect master keyed locking. Obtaining a single key in the system does not reveal the same secondary combination of all keys.

sidewinder key
n. typically an automotive key with a bitting(s) milled into the widest side(s) of the key blade with an end milling cutter

silent signal
adj. describes an alarm that annunciates detection to a remote location instead of a local location

simple latch
n. a non-deadlocking latch

simplex key section
n. a single independent key section which cannot be used in a multiplex key system

simultaneous retraction
n. a feature which allows retraction of both the deadbolt and latchbolt in the same operation

single acting (door)
n. a door which swings from the latched position in only one direction

single-acting lever tumbler
n. a lever tumbler which must be moved a minimum distance to allow travel of a bolt, but cannot be moved so far as to restrict travel of the bolt

single cylinder
adj. pertaining to a lock with key operation from only one side

adj. the shape of a cutout for a lock, circular except for a flat section on one side

single key section
n. an individual key section which can be used in a multiplex key system

single step progression
n. a progression using a one increment difference between bittings of a given position

six column progression
n. a process wherein key bittings are obtained by using the cut possibilities in six columns of the key bitting array

six pin master key
n. a master key for all combinations obtained by progressing six bitting positions

abb. standard key coding system

sym. symbol for “single keyed”, normally followed by a numerical designation in the standard key coding system; e.g., SKD1, SKD2, etc. It indicates that a cylinder or lock is not master keyed but is part of the keying system

skeleton key
n. any non-cylinder key whose bit, blade, and/or post is cut away enough to allow it to enter and turn in locks with different ward arrangements

slide hammer
n. a tool made from a rod with a handle, a sliding weight on the rod, and a means of attaching to a part to force its movement relative to other parts

n. a tumbler which is normally flat, has a gate and moves with a linear or lateral motion instead of pivoting like a lever tumbler

sliding guard tumbler
n. a guard tumbler in a single nose safe deposit lock that allows an operating key to unlock after the guard key is turned and removed

slim jim
n. a narrow strip of spring steel used to bypass the cylinder and unlock vehicle doors

n. a cable or layered length of fabric, (usually the latter), with woven loops in both ends, used to lift a safe or vault door with a boom arm lift or forklift.

n. a key machine cutter designed to make cuts with a rectangular shape

Small Format Interchangeable Core
n. an IC that replicates the functionality and design popularized by Best

n. a card conforming to ISO specification 7810 and 7816 which one or more integrated circuits with contacts allowing interface to external equipment

smart key
adj. a key that has a proximity device function to operate a lock

abb. sub-master key

abb. Safe Manufacturers’ National Association

adj. referring to an area or opening protected against the penetration of smoke

smoking (a key)
v. the action of holding a key or blank over an open flame so that it collects carbon

snap bow
n. 1. a separate bow which can be affixed to a smaller key bow, 2. a bow which retrofits transponder technology to conventional keys for use in access control systems

software key
n. data used by software to provide or deny access. See also ‘hardware key’

abb. Sequence of Progression

sounding device
n. an audible annunciator that, when activated, indicates a situation requiring action

n. the dimensions from the stop to the center of the first cut and/or to the centers of successive cuts

spanner wrench
n. a tool for installing, removing or adjusting a threaded part. The tool is designed to engage one or more holes or depressions which are peripheral or not on-center to the part axis.

spare tire lock
n. a lock designed to prevent removal of a vehicle’s spare tire

special application cylinder
n. any cylinder other than a mortise, rim, key-in-knob or profile cylinder

spider cam
n. a rotary mechanism serving to simultaneously control the operation of multiple bolts with a radial arrangement

spider lock
n. a lock that utilizes a special cam as an integral part of the lock to extend or retract the multiple bolts of the lock simultaneously

n. a component which transfers rotary motion from outside a lock or latch case to an inner mechanism

n. 1. a groove in a combination lock spindle designed to accept a spline key, 2. the cavity(s) in the shell of a wafer tumbler lock which allows extension of the tumblers to a locked position

spline key
n. a device inserted to position the drive cam relative to the spindle in a combination lock

spline way
n. a notch in a combination lock drive cam designed to accept a spline key

split astragal
n. an astragal constructed of two pieces; each piece being mounted on either door of the pair, and abutting to create a seal

split bolt
adj. two separate bolts housed in the same opening in a face of a lock, each operated independently from opposite sides of the door

split finish
adj. of or pertaining to a lockset whose finish is different on each side of the door

split hub
n. a two-piece hub which can allow motion from one side of a swivel spindle while preventing it from the other side

split pin master keying
n. a method of master keying a pin tumbler cylinder by installing master pins into one or more pin chambers

split spindle
n. a multi-piece spindle which allows a knob or lever to be installed on only one side of a door

split wafer
n. Disc tumblers which are approximately half the width of a full tumbler used in the same lock, and are paired adjacent to one another in the same cut position. Typically used in automotive locks.

spool pin
n. a pin with a uniform smaller diameter except at its ends. Typically a top pin used to augment pick resistance but also observed as bottom and master pins.

spring cover
n. a device for sealing one or more pin chambers

spring hinge
n. a hinge incorporating a mechanism to apply automatic closing force

spring latch
n. a latch operated under spring pressure, having no deadlatching feature

spring seat
n. the point at which a spring is anchored, located or attached and at which (from which) it exerts force

spring tab
n. the part of a disc tumbler that serves as a spring seat

spy-proof dial
n. a dial and dial ring that complement each other to limit viewable numbers to a range of approximately 10 at a time

square back
adj. pertaining to a rim cabinet lock whose mounting flanges and case form the general shape of a square

square corner latch
n. a latch with a face whose sides meet at 90 degree angles

stand alone
n. a self contained electronic lock device

standard key coding system
n. an industry standard and uniform method of designating all keys and/or cylinders in a master key system. The designation automatically indicates the exact function and keying level of each key and/or cylinder in the system, usually without further explanation.

standard progression format
n. a systematic method of listing and relating all change key combinations to all master key combinations in a master key system. The listing is divided into segments known as blocks, horizontal groups, vertical groups, rows, and pages, for levels of control.

n. a set of specifications relating to materials, finishes, construction, resistance, or strength that typically establish a minimum acceptable value

n. the portion of a hasp assembly with the hole or opening to receive a padlock

status switch
n. a device, usually electro-mechanical, which can provide information to a system as to whether the protected opening is open or closed, or position of a latch

step pin
n. a spool or mushroom pin which has had a portion of its end machined to a smaller diameter than the opposite end. It is typically used as a top pin to improve pick resistance by some manufacturers of high security cylinders.

stepped tumbler
n. a special (usually disc) tumbler used in master keying. It has multiple bearing surfaces for blades of different key sections.

n. the vertical construction member located on either edge of a door

stop (of a door)
n. the projecting portion of a doorframe upon which the door rests when closed

stop (of a key)
n. the part of a key from which all cuts are indexed and which determines how far the key enters the keyway

stop gauge
n. the part of a key machine that aligns a key blank, a pattern key, or both, so that the blank may be cut correctly

stop works
n. a button or toggle mechanism which prevents operation of a knob, lever or thumbpiece in a non-bored lock

stop works button(s)
n. a one or two-piece stop works activator

store door function
n. a lockset function in which: a) a deadbolt is operated by key from either side and a latch is operated by working trim from either side; or b) a deadlocking latch can be withdrawn by working trim from either side except when both sides are locked by key from either side.

abb. “Safe Technicians Proficiency Registration Program”; the certification program of SAVTA as administered by ALOA

straight knife
n. a bypass tool for manipulating a spring bolt directly behind the cylinder plug

n. a bolt receptacle typically mounted in the door jamb or the floor

strike locator
n. a tool used to mark the jamb, relative to the bolt of the lock, prior to strike installation

strike reinforcer
n. a metal plate mounted behind a strike, using long screws to secure it to the door frame

strikethru keying
n. a means of shaping a key bitting by tooling which presses the key in such a way as to leave an indentation on one bitted surface or side of the key, and a protrusion on the other

n. the stationary fence(s) in a lever lock

sub-master key
n. the master key level immediately below the master key in a system of six or more levels of keying

substitution code
n. a code whose individual characters are converted to individual key cuts or combination numbers by means of a reference table

Suffolk latch
n. a door latch consisting of a horizontal bar which moves vertically to unlatch on the inside, actuated by a thumb piece on the outside

supervised security seal
n. a device which provides visual indication of tampering and includes the ability to be connected into electronic security systems

surface pull
n. a handle or grip attached to the surface of a door or drawer

surreptitious entry
n. the use of entry or bypass techniques that cannot be detected via disassembly and detailed inspection of lock components

n. the radiused part of a lever tumbler with which the key makes contact

sweep speed
n. the speed at which a closer moves a door from open to the point where latching speed is engaged

swing clear hinge
n. a hinge that allows the door to swing far enough away from the jamb to fully clear the opening at 90 degrees open

switch lock
n. 1. a lock which incorporates an electrical switch as an integral part of its construction 2. a large padlock designed for use on railroad switches

swivel spindle
n. normally a two-piece spindle assembly whose two halves are designed to turn independently