A locksmith website recommending a locksport group? Of course! We are a reference website and we would be remiss if we ignored quality content in favor of politics or secret societies. The only agenda here is lock and locksmith information and that’s exactly why we’re showcasing and recommending that you check out Lock Pickers United (LPU). What is LPU? Exactly what the name implies; lock pickers who have united, in this case to share their knowledge using available means (more on that shortly).

If you are involved in the locksport community, even slightly, the names involved in this project read off like a “who’s who”:

  • Hux
  • Tumbl3r
  • MMDeveloper (https://assahatlabs.mmdeveloper.tech/)
  • Draukan
  • Supallama
  • LHG
  • Potkettleracism (Geaux Falcons!)
  • Digs
  • CorrectJeans
  • Gery
  • Mow (Pls)
  • CaptainHookNumber1
  • Squiburt
  • Pickbender
  • Geo
  • Jjay1one

You’ll find nearly all of these names participating in the LPU Discord as well as r/lockpicking, Twitter, and YouTube.

The most impressive thing under the LPU umbrella, in my opinion, is their YouTube Channel. They release a new, high quality video almost daily. Video topics include tool and pick fabrication and lock tear downs. They also release a video each week called “Mentorship Monday” where they break down the nuts and bolts of locksport and locksmithing.

Lock Pickers United have come out of the gate with a bang and if this is any indication of where they are going then they have a bright future ahead of them. Give their YouTube channel a follow, bookmark their website, and stay tuned. I’m sure there are great things to come.