Jake Jakubuwski Presents: Aluminum Stile Door Service and Repair by Jake Jakubuwski

Publisher: N/A
Pages: 423 Pages
Dimensions: 8 ½” x 11”  
Price: $9.99
Purchase Instructions: Via the author’s web site.


Part 1 – Parts and Hardware Overview
1. Pivots
2. Hinges
3. Locks and latches
4. Exit devices

Part 2 – Installation Procedures and Practices
1. Pivots (Includes a section on pivot deactivators)
2. Hinges  (He really likes continuous hinges)
3. Locks and Latches (Mainly about Adams-Rite style locks)
4. Exit devices


The first part goes over the components and terminology, how they go together and so on. The second part goes over installation and repair.

The book has two good strengths: first, Jake has a fairly engaging writing style–he can impart a lot of information and make it interesting; second, the installation and repair portion is not just reprinting vendor handbooks, instead it is full of beginning to end projects with a lot of photographs.

The book avoids the trap of explaining how things work when everything goes well.  The real world is not like that.  Bolts strip, things rust, and so on.  Doors take a lot of abuse and a locksmith may not be called until things are ugly.  He shows how to overcome real world problems when dealing with doors in very bad shape.  This book may be the next best thing to watching over the shoulder of a locksmith who installs and maintains these types of doors. 

For anyone considering servicing aluminum store-front doors, it is a great resource and a no-brainer at that price.