Servicing Lever Handle Cylindrical Locks by J. I. Levine

Publisher: Locksmith Publishing Corp.
Pages: ~50 Pages
Dimensions: 8 1/2″ x 11″  
Price: N/A
Purchase Instructions: Via the ALOA Webstore or Lockmasters.


  1. Arrow Sierra H
  2. Best 9K
  3. Corbin Russwin CL3200
  4. Corbin Russwin CL3400
  5. Kwikset Winston
  6. Lockwood 900
  7. Marks 195
  8. Medeco Embassy-17
  9. Medeco Embassy-19
  10. NT Falcon T
  11. PDQ SP
  12. S. Parker 8161
  13. Sargent 6500
  14. Schlage D
  15. Schlage S
  16. Yale 5400L


The section for each lock, usually about 4 pages in length, lists the available keyways, the keyblanks (including aftermarket), combinating information and pin lengths, door prep (including installation jigs), cylinder removal and rekeying, an exploded diagram, and sometimes changing the handing and timing.

The book also includes a list of locks that are similar to each other, e.g., if one is working on a Russwin 800, a the instructions for a Corbin-Russwin CL3400 apply. It also contains some information about working with IC’s, including removal methods.

It has a good number of drawings but few photos, and that could impact how well a person could identify the make and model of the lock. It was published by Locksmith Publishing Corp, which does not seem to be active anymore.  It would be a good companion to the National Locksmith Door Lock Encyclopedia by Robert Sieveking, which only dealt with knob locks.