The Safe Moving Equipment page is now live in the Safe and Vault section of the Library. This page covers safe moving equipment as well as safe moving procedures/techniques.

Manufacturer’s Literature and Manuals

Product brochures, specifications, and manuals have been added to the “Manufacturer’s Literature and Manual” tab for the following manufacturers:

  • Advance Metalworking Co., Inc.
  • Escalera, Inc.
  • Innovative Moving Systems, Inc.
  • Rock Line Products, Inc. (Air-Tow Trailers)
  • Ultra Lift Corporation


In the “Resources” tab, you will find product demonstration videos from Advance Metalworking Co., Inc., Innovative Moving Systems, Inc., Rock Line Products, Inc., and Ultra Lift Corporation. These product demonstrations can help technicians/business owners explore the capabilities of safe moving equipment available to them.

I spent nearly 4 years assisting with safe moves. While I have moved plenty of smaller B-rate safes, most of these moves were for larger TL-15, 30, and 60 rated safes for commercial clients. I’ve certainly done by fair share of “plating” and “bolt downs”. Throughout all of those moves, never once did a personal injury or damage to a safe or a customer’s property occur. That was not by chance but via safety, an understanding of moving large objects, and by following the manufacturer’s instructions for the use of their equipment. I say all that to say this: I made sure to include resources covering all 3 of those areas. In the Resources table you will also find a PowerPoint presentation on pallet jack/hand truck safety as well as a primer on basic timber cribbing.

Finally, we’ve included a link to a Dean Safe how-to-videos. These videos cover topics such as moving a safe, uncrating a safe, and bolting down a safe.