We have launched the Pinning Calculators page in the Tools Section with our first downloadable pinning calculator. This pinning calculator covers all three pinning systems used in standard Small Format Interchangeable Core products from almost every manufacturer. This tool will allow locksmiths to quickly and easily calculate the pin combinations needed for 2-Level master keyed and non-mastered SFIC systems.


This tool is optimized for desktop use and requires Microsoft Excel, LibreOffice Calc, or any similar program capable of working with .xlsx files. Simply download the file and open it in your spreadsheet application of choice. Instructions are included on each page and the pinning array will automatically adjust as you enter your key bittings, including shading pins to alert you to invalid pin combinations.

Future Updates

In the near future we plan to introduce additional calculators supporting more brands and pinning systems as well as calculators capable of dealing with more complex master keyed systems.