We’ve recently added the The Professional Locksmith Dictionary to our Tools section.

First published in 1982 and routinely updated through the years, The Professional Locksmith Dictionary is a peer reviewed, readily available document provided by the Lock Industry Standards and Training (LIST) Council. The LIST Council’s goal has been to standardize locksmith terminology and definitions. Over the years, manufacturers, associations, and numerous publications have utilized terminology as defined by the The Professional Locksmith Dictionary.

If you weren’t previously aware of The Professional Locksmith Dictionary take a moment to check it out. Learning and using standardized locksmith terminology will ultimately benefit your career. First, it allows you to properly communicate with your colleagues. If you’re all speaking the same language then you’re on the same page when performing locksmith tasks, such as ordering a part or suggesting a solution to problem. Second, it reinforces professionalism not only between peers and colleagues but also your customers.  As I mentioned in my Customer Retention article, consumers value knowledge and expertise. Third, it adequately prepares you for certification tests, such as ALOA’s Proficiency Registration Program (PRP). There is perhaps no better preparation tool for the PRP than The Professional Locksmith Dictionary.