I was recently contacted by someone from a staffing agency who had seen our How to Become A Locksmith article. Her client is interested in becoming a locksmith. In her client’s area there were no active ALOA or locksmith chapters to join. Furthermore, there were no classes scheduled anytime soon in the client’s immediate area. Short of traveling to a nearby state, the client’s options educational opportunities were severely limited. In the article I suggested seeking out a local chapter/association and/or classes before pursuing a diploma program. Strike 1 and 2 for my ignorance. Furthermore, her client’s position didn’t seem to allow for the ability to pursue a general maintenance position in the interim to gain some basic locksmithing experience. Strike 3.

Time to Reconsider?

In the article I recommend that prospective locksmiths only pursue online locksmith diplomas as a last resort. That’s a bit naive I have come to learn. For some it may be their only resort and, as a result, I’m going to need to update the article to reflect this.

I offered my thoughts on various online locksmith diploma programs to the staffing agent and stressed that while some locksmiths “poo poo” them, they are at least a starting pointing for formal locksmith training and that its “better than nothing”. But better than nothing sounds a bit harsh, doesn’t it? It’s like saying, “Well it’s a step above doing nothing at all, I guess.” That’s not a very ringing endorsement; I should have chosen my words better.

A New Outlook on Online Locksmith Diplomas

First and foremost, anyone that makes an effort towards self-advancement should be lauded. That much I would hope even the most stubborn locksmith could agree with. With that out of the way let’s get to the crux of the issue: the curriculum(s). Most locksmiths frown upon online locksmith diploma programs because they consider the programs insufficient or outdated. Fair point, but is all of the material insufficient and is all of the material outdated? No, it’s not. There is value in these programs.

Circumstances such as time, money, location, current employment, and a hundred other factors can impact how and when we get into this trade; we aren’t all born into it. Anyone that, in their own time, takes it upon themselves to begin to learn the trade to gain employment in it should be met with an open hand and not a closed fist. I’ve changed my outlook on online locksmith diplomas, will you?