We’ve added new information to our web page dedicated to those looking to get into the locksmithing trade: How to Become A Locksmith. This web page was something I put together on my previous blog to help out people who were interested in becoming a locksmith but might not know where to start. I receive multiple emails and private messages each month from those who want to get into the locksmith trade but don’t know where to start and want advice. With the launch of this website, we decided to re-host the article and update it to continue helping.

First, we’ve added multiple reviews of locksmith books that someone new to the trade could use as a self-study option. We wanted to give a run down of the content of these books as well as our opinion on them.

Second, we added alternatives to securing an apprenticeship. I know apprenticeships aren’t always an option, given someone’s area or the circumstances, but we’ve added the suggestion of seeking alternative employment that utilizes locksmithing duties, such as rekeys or lock installation. While these jobs aren’t analogous to a locksmith, they do mirror some of the tasks involved. Proficiency in these tasks would help definitely someone trying to gain full-time employment as a locksmith.

We plan to continually update this web page to provide more information and advice as we get feedback and the trade evolves. In the next few weeks we will be adding a guide on how to locate apprenticeships as well as entry-level locksmithing and locksmithing related jobs.

Feel free to share this web page with anyone approaches you, or that you see in passing such as on a forum or on social media, who expresses interest in becoming a locksmith. And, as always, we welcome feedback – we want to help as many people as possible become a part of our trade.