We are excited to announce Locksmith Reference’s first sponsor: Pacific Lock Supply!

Pacific Lock is a door hardware wholesale distributor that is very easy to work with. Pacific Lock calls their salesmen Solution Specialists.  They have an in-depth knowledge of product and brand compatibility.  They offer advice about products best suited for each job and invaluable time-saving installation and door prep tips.  Their excellent support team makes sure customers reliably receive the right products on time and at the right price.

“Solutions Specialists at Pacific Lock don’t just sell parts, we solve problems.  Our goal is to make a locksmith’s job easier.  We strongly believe long-term relationships result from consistent personalized service, direct communication, and professional accountability.  We stock all major brands and models at competitive prices, and ship anywhere in the United States.”

– Braden McGee, VP of Sales

If you are in search of a distributor, either to start with or to add to and complement your current distributor network, check out Pacific Lock Supply!

Pacific Lock Hardware Supply
(844) 858-2558