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Today we are installing a Falcon SC81 door closer. The SC81 is a medium-duty closer suited for light- to medium-duty, interior or exterior applications. It is is non-handed and fits the very popular 12″ x 3/4″ footprint, the same as Norton’s 8000 and LCN’s 1450 series closers. The SC81 has been tested to meet ANSI/BHMA A156.A Grade 1 standards and comes with a 10 year warranty. For more information, see pages 8-11 in Falcon’s Closers Catalog.

The SC81 packaging and label.

As with all door hardware installations, proper layout and preparation is important to ensure a quality, long-lasting installation. Start by taking a moment to tape your installation instructions to a wall next to the door. This allows you to easily reference them throughout the installation.

Falcon SC81 installation instructions.

The Falcon SC81 can be mounted in different configurations, such as regular arm or parallel. Since this installation will be a regular arm mount, we need to identify the appropriate instructions for it.

Door and frame preparation instructions for a Falcon SC81, regular arm installation.

Now that we know our measurements, let’s start making for them. An automatic center punch makes this part of the installation fast.

Measuring for a Falcon SC81 door closer installation.

Measuring for a Falcon SC81 door closer installation.

With one hole marked, we can use the closer body to mark the remaining 3 holes.

Marking for the 3 remaining holes.

All 4 holes marked.

This installation, like all commercial applications, should be through-bolted. We start by drilling a pilot hole through all 4 mounting holes.

Drilling the pilot holes.

In addition to the closer’s body, we also need to mark for the closer arm’s shoe.

Marking for a Falcon SC81 door closer’s shoe.

Like the door closer body, we can use the closer arm’s shoe to mark the remaining hole.

Marking for the door closer arm’s shoe.

With all holes marked, we can now install the closer. We start by enlarging the holes for the closer’s body and attaching the through-bolts.

Through-bolts started.

With the through-bolt’s tightened, we can then mount the shoe to the frame.

Once you finish mounting the closer and arm/shoe, we can adjust the latch and sweep valves to put the final touches on the installation.

Once we are satisfied with the closing speed(s), all that’s left is to apply the closer’s cover and pack up!

Finished installation.